Welcome to Ashley Hay’s design portfolio. Since graduating from the University of Minnesota, College of Design in 2007, I have been working in the industry through freelance, small business, and corporate jobs. I’m a designer focused on bringing life and imagination to every aspect of your brand. I bridge the gaps between product, print, and digital design by holistically thinking of the entire experience. My work history can be found on LinkedIn. There you will find detailed job descriptions with companies such as Best Buy, 3M, Nerd Block, Ameriprise Financial, and Horizontal Integration. Thanks for visiting and may the Force be with you. – A Midwest Looney Tune

LinkedIn   |   kannaya24@gmail.com



Many of my illustrations can be found on various websites to purchase and you can follow me on twitter and facebook.


I’ve had the honor of designing for these small and large companies when I find the time to take on freelance work.