Horizontal Integration

Working for Horizontal Integration I have been immersed in client work, internal marketing, and the rebrand of the company.  This section will illustrate the many forms of branding work from web to print I created for the digital and staffing agency.

Responsive Website

When I started at HI the website was not responsive nor had the brand been updated in years. The goal of the website was to create a unifying theme throughout, make it easier for contractors to search and apply for jobs, and to have the digital agency’s services more pronounced. Together with the lead designer, we built a cohesive mobile friendly website that saw growth in business inquires and consulting resumes.

Holiday Gift Packaging

Every holiday season, HI sends out over a thousand gift packages. The marketing team and myself were tasked with creating the theme for 2016. We wanted to create something holiday generic and thought of a gingerbread house theme with a Christmas type letter to describe all the things the business had been up to in 2016. I contacted a custom box company after learning what the gifts would be. I commissioned and designed the box to look like a gingerbread house and the letter to be fitted perfectly into the unique box.


Horizontal Integration really bumped up their game in the marketing department and relied on myself for much of the design and ideation work. We created event invitations, stickers for giveaways, shirts for community events, and banners.

Booth Design

The company exhibited at a convention for the first time and needed a whole booth design and experience thought out. We wanted to stand out and get people into the booth for the team to pitch our business to potential clients. The idea behind the design was to give quick hits of information at a glance from the background image and shirts but that you’d have to come in close to get more information. The exhibit stood out from the rest with its bold colors and gained many clients’ contact information.