Print & Product

From logos to enamel pins, I’ve designed brand identities, company products, and disc golfs. I like a challenge and nothing is out of reach for my design skills. My first love in design was print and strongly believe there still is a place for it in our ever-growing technological world. Here are a few examples of my latest work.

Trooper Print

An edition of 111, two color screen print. Showcasing all of the Troopers from the Star Wars universe. Printed by Burlesque of North America.

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Enamel Pins

I worked with Zen Monkey Studios to create licensed Labyrinth pins for the Jim Henson Company. Arcade Block and Horror Block also feature pins I’ve created specifically for their audience.

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Quip Sip Coasters are a combination of puns and liquor that I enjoy. Eight different designs featuring separate colors and designs.

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Who says you can’t still earn merit badges as an adult? Nerd Scouts are for all of us that keep learning more about the pop culture and nerd community. They measure 2.5″ in diameter, are made of high-quality woven materials, and come complete with an easy to apply iron-on backing.

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A range of businesses and community group logos. A dance group, private chef, makeup line and bar & restaurant all have used my talents in logo creation.