Smith Co. is a digital agency based out of Seattle, Washington. One of their clients is AT&T's Mobile Sales Tool. It's an internal tool for sales representatives to help customers in the store. One of the most used tools in MST is called the Rate Plan Calculator. The tool was pretty dated so the team wanted something more streamlined and easier for reps to use. AT&T approached Smith Co, who I was contracting with, to come up with a new tool called Quick Quote. AT&T had just launched a new brand guide for us to follow but I was given a lot of creative control during the design process. Along with a great team comprised of a Project Manager, Lead Developer, and User Experience Designer, we came up with an updated flow that kept most of the popular functionality from the calculator. The team collaborated to create new streamlined components and I was able to bring in new colors, styles, and accessible elements that follow responsive best practice rules. We were able to gather reps' feedback and use analytics to see how we could improve the tool even more. After only two versions of Quick Quote being launched, we got so many happy AT&T employees letting us know what a great tool we built.
Lead UI Designer
Sketch Design Files, Invision Prototype, Developer Style Guide